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Judgment - Cinematic

In a dark and pitiless world.
The angels judged the human beings and their purpose is simple, annihilate the human race.
But the demons will be your allies, in exchange for your souls. . . Play Mondest to slaughter them.

Judgement is a end-of-studies project in Game Art to New3dge Art School. Realized by Maxime Delcambre (concept artist and environment 2D/3D), Kevin Ochoa (character artist), Sebastien Laguerre (Environment Artist - Unreal) and Thibault Fierizt (2D/3D generalist.

Thank to the contribution on the Cinematic with Anthony Drama for the music, Fabien Crousillac for the audio mix and sound effect and at Marc legras to his voice.

Maxime delcambre maxime delcambre the mondest 10

Judgment - Cinematic

Maxime delcambre maxime delcambre jaquette mondest